Dick Tiger vs. Terry Downes

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Dick Tiger throws a left at Terry Downes

Dick Tiger 163 lbs beat Terry Downes 157 lbs by TKO in round 5 of 8

  • Date: 1957-05-14
  • Location: Town Hall, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom
    • This was a battle between two future World Middleweight Champions.
    • The result has also been reported as Downes retiring after the 6th round.

    "In the very 1st round Downes went after his man and pinned him against the ropes with his fast hitting to head and body, and then the Nigerian started to fight back, putting all his power into a left hook. Downes was forced back and made to take a count of three. Rising unsteady he was put down again for seven...how the former U.S. Marine lasted out the round will be a mystery, for he rose glassy-eyed and returned to the attack. In the 2nd round, Downes was again forced to take a count of eight, but sheer grit, determination to fight enabled him to win the round. The capacity crowd roared as the two battled around the ring, but when Downes received a cut eye in the 6th, his seconds wisely called the referee to their corner to peruse Downes' damaged eye. After that the, the referee walked over to Dick Tiger's corner and raised his hand as the winner." -Ring Magazine, August 1957 issue