Dick Tiger vs. Joey Giardello (2nd meeting)

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Dick Tiger 161 lbs lost to Joey Giardello 160 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

"29 year old Joey Giardello won a unanimous decision in last night's 10 rounder at the Arena, and 2,782 paying customers booed lustily at the announcement. Five weeks ago in Chicago, Tiger won a unanimous decision in the pair's first 10 rounder, and that verdict also brought hoots. Giardello built up an edge in points in the first three rounds, and then came a furious 4th with each fighter landing a number of solid blows. Both of Tiger's eyes were bleeding at the eyebrows when the round ended. Neither fighter scored a knockdown or was seriously hurt. Giardello hung on and grabbed a lot in the late rounds as the fight got rougher. Tiger barraged Joey's jaw with jolting lefts and rights in the 10th to pile up the most lopsided edge for any single round. So close was last night's scoring that referee Don Gonzalez and judge Charles Bill would have had it 45-45 on points if Gonzalez had not penalized Tiger a point for butting in the 9th round. Judge Herb Williams had it 47-45 for Giardello." -Associated Press

Post fight comments

  • "Most incompetent job of refereeing I've seen for a long time. The referee takes a point away from Tiger for butting, yet he lets Giardello get away with a butt at the end of the 4th round that opens a big gash over Tiger's right eye." -Jersey Jones, Tiger's American manager
  • "Giardello did not raise his head to butt Tiger. Giardello had his head low, and Tiger went right into it with his own head. But in the 9th, I figured Tiger's butt was deliberate. he could have pulled his hands away from Giardello by stepping back. Instead, he jerked up his head, right into Joey's." -Referee Don Gonzalez
  • "It was accidental, but my head did hit him." -Joey Giardello, regarding the 4th round cut.