Wilf Greaves vs. Dick Tiger (1st meeting)

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Dick Tiger 160 lbs lost to Wilf Greaves 160 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

"The Edmonton Boxing Commission, Wednesday night awarded the British Empire middleweight crown to Wilf Greaves of Edmonton. Earlier, at the end of the 15 round fight, it had been announced to 3,500 fans that Greaves and defending champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria had fought to a draw. First indication that there was anything wrong was when the commission called an emergency meeting to discuss the possibility that scorecards had been added incorrectly. The reversal was no announced until long after the arena was empty. Tiger and Greaves put on one of the best boxing displays seen in Edmonton for a long time." -Canadian Press


  • Tiger making first defence of title he won by knocking out Pat McAteer on March 27, 1958.
  • Result was originally announced as a draw, but upon rechecking the card of referee John Smith an hour after the fight it was discovered that Greaves had prevailed by split decision.
  • The error in scoring was discovered by Hal Pawson, sports editor of the Edmonton Journal and Tom Harris, the Journal's boxing writer. They found that referee Johhny Smith's card had been stained by blood and sweat.
  • The original scorecards read Judge Louis Schwartz - 9-6 Tiger. Judge Les Willocks - 7-5-3 Greaves. And referee Johnny Smith - 5-5-5 a draw. The recount saw judge Schwartz's card changed to 6-3-6 for Tiger, referee Smith's card was changed to 6-5-4 for Greaves and judge Willock's card was unchanged.
  • There was a 90 day rematch clause in the contract with no site determined.
  • Unofficial CP scorecard - 6-5-4 Greaves

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