Dick Tiger vs. Henry Hank

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Dick Tiger 160 lbs beat Henry Hank 159 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

The two fought an entertaining back and forth battle for the first two minutes of the first round, until Tiger stunned Hank with a right hand and three left hooks. Opening the 2nd round, Hank dropped his hands and fought in retreat, attempting to land a knockout blow on Tiger. Tiger when he would close the distance on Hank, would hit him with left-right combos, while blocking most of Hank's ineffective offensive output.

Hank rallied in the 9th, nailing Tiger three time to the body. Tiger rallied before the end of the round, and pounded Hank. In the 10th, Hank clearly behind, went for the knockout, and briefly buckled Tiger's knees with two right hands. Tiger though recovered, and resumed his control of the bout at the finish.

Bout was televised
Attendance: 7,500

Source: New York Times

Scorecards (all for Tiger)

  • Referee Arthur Mercante - 10-0
  • Judge Leo Birnbaum - 9-0-1
  • Judge Bill Recht - 8-1-1
  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 9-1 Tiger