Dick Tiger vs. Joey Archer

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Dick Tiger 160 lbs lost to Joey Archer 162 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • Unofficial UPI scorecard: 6-2-2 Tiger
  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 9-1 Tiger
  • Ringside poll of 18 sportswriters: 7 for Archer, 7 for Tiger and 4 called it a draw.

United Press International:

Joey Archer of New York, the world's 2nd ranked middleweight contender, used hit-and-run tactics Friday night to win an unpopular 10-round decision over former champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria at MSG. Archer was impressive in the first two rounds, and - although he has scored only 8 KOs in 42 victories - threatened to belt out the Tiger. He knocked Tiger back on his heels twice in the 1st round with long left-rights to the head. In the 2nd he buckled the ex-champ's knees twice with head hooks. But after that the somewhat angry Tiger kept chasing Archer about the ring and trying to force him to exchange. Despite the slugger-boxer angle it was a comparatively dull bout thereafter. There were no knockdowns although many thought there should have been one in the 5th round when a right to the chin drove Archer to one knee near the ropes. However, referee Zack Clayton ruled it a slip. The 9,098 fans at the Garden booed Archer loudly for his persistent circling, dancing to his own left - out of the way of Tiger's hooking attack.

Post-Fight Comments:

  • "Two weeks ago I wanted to pull out, but the promoter told me to go through with the fight and I would get a fair shake. I had to knock him out to win." - Dick Tiger
  • "While Archer was striking out, Tiger was hitting doubles and triples." - Jersey Jones, Tiger's manager
  • "Sure Tiger was the aggressor, but that's his style and I fought him according to plan. I staggered him in the 3rd or 4th and I thought I won easily." - Joey Archer