Dick Tiger vs. Jose Torres (2nd meeting)

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Jose Torres lands a right against Dick Tiger

Dick Tiger 167 lbs beat Jose Torres 173 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

From The Associated Press:

Bottles, pieces of chairs and other missiles were tossed into the ring and the ringside sections Tuesday night shortly after light heavyweight champion Dick Tiger of Nigeria was awarded a split decision over Puerto Rican-born Jose Torres in a very close return, 15-round title bout. A late surge by Torres excited his followers and probably touched off the riot. Well behind on all scorecards, he staggered the 37-year-old Nigerian with a sweeping left and right to the jaw in the 12th round and captured the last four rounds on all scorecards. Torres went after his rival from the opening bell and they fought a fierce battle for three rounds. Tiger, getting in close, dominated the next five rounds. Torres spurted in the 9th and 10th, lost the 11th and then started his drive in the 12th."


  • Torres was an 8-5 favorite.
  • An unofficial ringside poll of 15 sportswriters had 8 scoring for Torres and 7 for Tiger.
  • A crowd of 12,674 produced a gate of $104,459. Another $60,000 was generated in TV monies.
  • 11 people suffered cuts from the riot and were treated at nearby hospitals. No one was seriously injured.
  • The riot, being the 3rd in the previous 21 months involving a Puerto Rican fighter, led Madison Square Garden to suspend use of any Puerto Rican fighters from boxing a main event for an indefinite cooling off period.