Dick Tiger vs. Andy Kendall

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Dick Tiger 168 lbs beat Andy Kendall 175 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

  • Unofficial AP scorecard: 7-3 Tiger
  • Attendance: 6,083
  • Gate: $26,000
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"Dick Tiger made a punching bag of Andy Kendall in the first four rounds and went on to score a decisive 10-round victory over the Portland, Ore., fighter at MSG Friday night. Tiger, the former world middleweight and light heavyweight champion from Biafra, apparently had his opponent of the verge of a KO just before the bell ended the 4th round. A hard left stunned Kendall and he was pushed into the ropes by Tiger. There Tiger landed a series of lefts and rights, roughly 10 in a row, without a return. Kendall, making his first appearance in a Garden main event, rallied in the next couple of rounds, making Tiger wince from a hard punch to the stomach in the 6th. At the end, however, Tiger won a decisive victory." - Associated Press