Mickey Walker vs. Dave Shade (3rd meeting)

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Mickey Walker 144 lbs beat Dave Shade 147 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

World Welterweight Title

  • Purses: Walker-$100,000, Shade-$25,000

"By gossamer thread of mere circustance, Mickey Walker remained as welterweight champion of the world today after 15 dazzling rounds with Dave Shade at Yankee Stadium last night. It was the greatest welterweight fight of a generation. It is understood that George Kelley voted for Shade. Dick Nugent, the other judge, and Patsy Haley, the referee, are believed to have lined up with Walker. What, if anything, this pair was glowering at with fixed attention while Shade was raking Walker with staggering left hooks in the 1st round is a bit above and beyond the writer's resources. What they saw when Shade pumped scores of straight lefts to Walker's face in the 2nd and simply slaughtered him with punches in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th, is likewise incomprehensible. In justice to Messrs. Haley and Nugent, it may be said that Walker did more damage in the final round than Shade did in the other fourteen. That the champion emerged from a series of wild rallies in the 6th round with the distinction of having hurt Shade and hurt him badly. Those two rounds evidently won him the fight but it is dubious judgement to decide the outcome of 15 rounds on what happened in two of them." -International News Service

  • Unofficial INS scorecard - 9-5-1 Shade
  • NYSAC chairman James E. Farley polled ringside writers after the 14th round. It was stated the vote was overwhelmingly for Shade.