Ike Williams vs. Beau Jack (1st meeting)

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Ike Williams 134 lbs beat Beau Jack 134 lbs by TKO at 0:33 in round 6 of 15

World Lightweight Title

"Ike Williams retained his lightweight boxing crown tonight, pounding challenger Beau Jack into submission in the 6th round of a scheduled 15 round bout at Shibe Park. Swarming all over his opponent as the bell started the 6th round, Williams was awarded the verdict via a TKO when referee Charley Daggert stepped in and stopped the bout after 33 seconds. Jack, his face a bloody mass, stood in a neutral corner helpless against the rights and lefts that the sharp-punching champion threw at him from every angle. Once Williams looked at Daggert as if he wanted the official to stop the bout. But the referee looked at Jack and nodded for Williams to go ahead. Ike swung three or more rapid fire belts before Daggert stepped in and halted the carnage." -Associated Press

Scorecards (through 5 completed rounds)

  • Referee Charley Daggert - 2-2-1 Even
  • Judge Frank Knarsborough - 3-2 Williams
  • Judge Harry Lasky - 3-2 Jack

Post fight comment

  • "He got me pinned up in a corner and I couldn't get away. He's a great fighter." -Beau Jack