Ike Williams vs. Freddie Dawson (4th meeting)

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Ike Williams 135 lbs beat Freddie Dawson 134 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

"Lightweight champion Ike Williams' crown remained firmly on his head despite Monday night's "betting scare" and Freddie Dawson's determined challenge. Williams caused much excitement before the bout by calling reporters into his dressing room and telling them that one of his closest friends had been informed a "betting fix" had been arranged so he would lose the title if the bout lasted it's scheduled 15 rounds. After the scrap Williams shamefacedly said his friend's information "must have been wrong." Williams won the close contest because he was aggressive in nearly every round. But Dawson of Chicago made it a close fight because he took advantage of Williams' wildness and slid under Ike's arms to close quarters, where he was superior in the in-fighting. Williams suffered slight scratches on his nose and over his left eye in the 4th round. Dawson was gashed deeply on the left cheek in the 8th session. Those were the only wounds. It was a see-saw fight throughout, with the advantages shifting constantly. Many of the rounds were hard to judge." -United Press

  • Unofficial UP scorecard - 7-6-2 Williams
  • Attendance - 10,389
  • Gate - $45,652

Post fight comment

  • "He'd better remember!" - George J. Jones, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission, on Williams' claim he couldn't remember the name of his close friend who told him of the supposed fix.