Muhammad Ali vs. Earnie Shavers

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Muhammad Ali 225 lbs beat Earnie Shavers 211 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • Ali entered the ring accompanied by the theme music from Star Wars.
  • This bout was broadcast in primetime on NBC. The commentators were Dick Enberg, Larry Merchant and Ken Norton, the #1 ranked heavyweight contender.
  • NBC arranged to flash the official scoring on the screen after every round. Such an obvious edge was not lost on Angelo Dundee, Ali's trainer, who posted Baltimore matchmaker Eddie Hrica in the champion's dressing quarters to watch the TV set there and relay the numbers after each round. And so, after 12 rounds, Dundee knew the only way Shavers could beat his man was by a knockout.


  • "Earnie hit me so hard, he shook my kinfolk back in Africa!" - Ali after the fight.

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