Death of Boris Stanchov

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Ardit Murja 127 lbs beat Boris Stanchov 130 lbs by KO at 1:32 in round 5 of 6

Boris Stanchov dies in the ring after collapsing in the fifth round of his bout with Ardit Murja, after illegally fighting under his cousin Isus Velichkov's license. According to Isus Velichkov, Stanchov's coach knew of the deception.

  • Featherweight Ardit Murja stopped Boris Stanchov in the fifth round of their scheduled sixth round featherweight contest in Albania.
  • Stanchov collapsed in the ring during the fifth round, and fell to the ground in his corner unconscious, where he died.
  • Medical teams rushed Stanchov to the hospital but he could not be resuscitated.
  • It was learned after the bout Stanchov was illegally boxing using the boxing license of his cousin Isus Valichkov, who came forward after Albanian television reported him dead.[1]
  • Statement of Bulgarian commission BPBU.pdf