Joe Smith Jr. vs. Jesse Hart

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Jesse Hart 175 lbs lost to Joe Smith Jr 175 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • NABO Light Heavyweight Title (Vacant title)


  • Hart prepared for this bout with Bernard Hopkins, whose loss to Smith motivated Hart to take this bout.
  • Smith was warned twice in the first round for hitting behind the head by referee Harvey Dock.
  • Smith dominated rounds two and four through eight, coming forward with over right hand power shots and putting pressure on Hart, who did not punch to the body and had sloppy footwork.
  • Hart appeared to just outbox Smith in round three. His difficulties came in the form of power punches thrown by Smith, who landed 150 of 315 power shots thrown.
  • Smith decked Hart with a right hand over a low left near a corner at the end of round seven. Smith bullied Hart into the ropes all night, and Hart had no plan B.
  • Hart mostly fought only to survive, held on in clinches frequently during this bout, with his punching ability completely ineffective in his second bout in the higher 175 pounds light heavyweight weight class.
  • Hart was badly cut over the right eye from an accidental head butt in round nine, prompting an examination by the ringside doctor Steven Oxler, who let the bout continue.
  • Smith appeared to win nine of the ten rounds, and emerged from the bout unmarked, with cutman Stitch Duran in his corner. One judge strangely scored the seemingly lopsided bout for Hart, raising questions.

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