Ron Lyle vs. Jimmy Young (1st meeting)

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Jimmy Young 201 lbs beat Ron Lyle 218 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

"Elusive, counter-punching Jimmy Young scored a unanimous upset decision over 3rd ranked Ron Lyle Tuesday night in their 10 round fight at the HIC. There were no knockdowns in the hard-punching battle. Young, of Philadelphia, managed to tie up Lyle repeatedly and then smashed sharp lefts and combinations to Lyle's head when they broke, while Lyle concentrated on his younger opponent's body. Most of the fight was fought with the two locked head-to-head, with Lyle attempting to work over Young's midsection. But time and again the faster, more agile Young caught Lyle on the side of the head with his rapier lefts, which he also used effectively to keep Lyle at bay in the later rounds when the Denver heavyweight, aware that he was behind on points, charged across the ring attempting to end it all with a knockout." -United Press International

  • Lyle lost a point in the 3rd round due to low blows.
  • It was speculated that this loss cost Lyle his title shot against Muhammad Ali, however, he received it anyway in May.