Willie Pastrano vs. Terry Downes

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Willie Pastrano 175 lbs beat Terry Downes 171 lbs by TKO at 1:17 in round 11 of 15

  • Date: 1964-11-30
  • Location: King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom
  • Referee: Andrew Smyth
  • World Light Heavyweight Championship (2nd defense by Pastrano)
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From The Associated Press:

Light heavyweight champion Willie Pastrano of Miami cashed in about $65,000 for stopping Terry Downes in the 11th round of a title defense at Manchester Monday night. Then he promptly offered Britain's boxing bookmaker another shot at the crown in London early next year. Terry may take it. There aren't many pay days like that awaiting wily Willie back home. . . . Pastrano, a 7-4 favorite over Downes, appeared to be trailing going into the 11th round of their 15-rounder. Then the normally light-hitting champion opened up with a barrage of punches that twice dropped the former co-holder of the middleweight title. Referee Andy Smyth of Ireland stopped it at 1:17 of the 11th after counting to three. Downes was down for eight the first time. Downes has a $700,000 stake in a string of betting shops and doesn't need the money he makes boxing. But he wants to win an undisputed title and may take up Pastrano's offer for the return. The aggressive, free-swinging Briton was ahead 5-3 in rounds, with two even, on The Associated Press' scorecard for the completed 10 rounds. Per custom, referee Smyth's card was not disclosed.

From the United Press International:

Willie Pastrano of Miami, Fla., Tuesday offered Terry Downes a return fight next March after stopping the Cockney bookmaker in the 11th round to retain his world light-heavyweight boxing title. The 29-year-old champion came from behind Monday night to beat the underdog Briton who had looked a cinch to win the verdict after 10 rounds of aggressive attack. The end came at 1:17 of the 11th round with the blood-smeared Downes resting on one knee. "Terry is a game, tough boy," said Pastrano. "He deserves a return." Manager Angelo Dundee nodded agreement and said he would like the fight to be staged at Miami, but British promoter Harry Levene said he hoped to stage the fight at the 10,000-capacity Wembley Pool, March 30. . . . A 3-1 favorite when he entered the ring, the 174¾-pound Pastrano looked like he was going to dance all night as Downes, 171, plodded ahead throwing point-scoring lefts and rights. It wasn't until the 11th round that Pastrano got off his horse and opened up with a two-fisted attack. It was Pastrano's second defense of the title he won from Harold Johnson in 1963. The crowd of 6,000 paid an estimated $84,000 for Manchester's first world title fight in 29 years. Pastrano received about $70,00 because of a tie-in with radio and intercontinental television while Downes got about $8,400.

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