Jess Willard vs. Luis Angel Firpo

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Jess Willard 242 lbs lost to Luis Angel Firpo 214 lbs by KO at 1:55 in round 8 of 12

  • Date: 1923-07-12
  • Location: Boyle's Thirty Acres, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • Referee: Harry Lewis
  • Photo #2, Advert
  • Labeled as "The Battle of the Giants."
  • Firpo was a 5:3 favorite. He won six rounds, the 5th went to Willard.
  • Firpo had been concentrating much of his assault on big Jess's midsection on advice of his trainer Jimmy DeForest, hoping to wear him down. In the 8th round Willard abandoned his defensive tactics and rushed at Firpo. There was an exchange and Firpo hurt him with a hard right just below the heart. Seeing his man sag, the Argentine opened a blistering assault with savage rights to the Kansas giant's body and head. One thunderous right crashed Willard's jaw again and sent him reeling into the ropes. Dazed and groggy he dropped slowly to one knee, shaking his head as the referee counted him out.