Mike Tyson vs. Orlin Norris

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Mike Tyson 223 lbs fought without result Orlin Norris 218 lbs by NC at 3:00 in round 1 of 10


Norris was hit and knocked down after the bell, injuring his knee during the fall, resulting in no contest.

The fight would only last one round. Tyson was clearly the aggressor for the fight's first and only round, constantly having Norris on the defensive and throwing several power punches during the round. Norris offered little offense during the round, only landing a few jabs while mostly attempting to avoid trading blows with the stronger Tyson. At the very end of the round, Tyson and Norris were engaged in a clinch. Just after the bell sounded, Tyson landed a left hand that dropped Norris to the mat. As a result, referee Richard Steele deducted two points from Tyson on the judge's official scorecards. Both Norris and Tyson then proceeded to their respective corners, but after the bell rang to signify the start of the second round, Norris remained seated on a stool in his corner as Steele granted him extra time. Norris then notified the official ringside doctor Flip Homansky that he had injured his knee following the fall and as a result, could not continue with the fight, which was stopped and ruled a no-contest. A disappointed Tyson had to be restrained by his corner from confronting Norris.


Tyson accused Norris of faking his knee injury in order to get out of the fight without recording an official loss and publicly announced his intentions to meet Norris in a rematch in December of that same year. Norris, however, maintained his innocence, stating that he "just went down the wrong way on my right knee."[10] Because of his illegal punch, Tyson's $8.7 million purse was temporally withheld from him by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as they reviewed whether or not he had intentionally hit Norris after the bell, but they chose not to punish him further and granted him his full purse only a week after the fight.[11] Tyson then chose not to proceed with a rematch with Norris and instead agreed to face British journeyman Julius Francis in Manchester in January 2000. Norris then filed a $2 million lawsuit against Tyson, claiming that Tyson had broken an agreement that the two had made for the rematch in which Norris was reportedly promised a $2 million payday. However, Norris' request was denied by a Manhattan judge who stated that he did not think Norris argument would prevail in court

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