Joey Giardello vs. Billy Graham (1st meeting)

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Billy Graham 148 lbs lost to Joey Giardello 152 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Joey Giardello, a 4-1 underdog, pulled a major boxing upset Monday by winning a split 10 round decision over veteran welterweight challenger Billy Graham before a crowd of 3,000 in Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway Arena. An irate Graham announced immediately that he would demand that the New York State boxing commission hold a hearing both on the surprise decision and of the conduct of referee Barney Felix. Graham had concentrated on an attack featuring a darting left jab and a thumping right to the body. He protested afterwards that referee Felix interfered with his right hand work in close quarters. Giardello, scaling 151 3/4 to Graham's 149 3/4, took a severe body beating in some of the sessions but his youth and stamina enabled him to withstand the punishment and blast Graham with flurries of hard lefts and right hooks to the head." -United Press

  • Unofficial UP scorecard - 8-2 Graham
  • Graham's co-managers, Irving Cohen and Jack Reilly filed a formal complaint to the boxing commission. Commission chairman Bob Christenberry stated they would hold a hearing on Thursday, August 7, 1952.
  • Graham complained after the fight that referee Barney Felix had been unfavorable to him twice before. In his 2nd bout with Kid Gavilan and a 1946 bout with Tony Pellone.
  • Graham appeared at the August 7th hearing to withdraw his complaint. Explaining that he did not wish to be branded a "cry-baby".
  • Although Graham was scheduled for an August 20, 1952 bout with Carmen Basilio, Eastern Parkway Arena matchmaker Teddy Brenner claimed he had signed contracts for an August 25, 1952 rematch between Graham and Giardello. However, the Basilio fight went ahead as planned.