Joey Giardello vs. Billy Graham (3rd meeting)

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Joey Giardello vs. Billy Graham 1 .jpg

Billy Graham 149 lbs beat Joey Giardello 155 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

"Billy Graham scored the 100th and undoubtedly sweetest victory of his 12 year pro career tonight when he gained a unanimous 12 round decision over middleweight Joey Giardello of Philadelphia in MSG. The majority of the crowd of 8,638 cheered the New York welterweight contender's first victory in three clashes with his heavier rival. The added two rounds proved decisive tonight for the veteran who grew stronger while his younger rival faded. Billy, fighting with a cut on the bridge of his nose from the 1st round on, swept the last two rounds on the official's cards to cap his hard-earned victory." -Associated Press

Unofficial scorecards:

  • AP - 6-4-2 Graham
  • UP - 9-3 Graham