Carlos Palomino vs. Everaldo Azevedo

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Carlos Palomino 147 lbs beat Everaldo Costa Azevedo 146 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

"Carlos Palomino, so impressive in knocking out Dave Green of England in his previous defense, had to settle for a unanimous decision against Everaldo Azevedo this time - and for awhile he was in danger of blowing that. Palomino didn't go in front until after the 10th round when his body blows started getting to Azevedo, who then was able to move out of range. Azevedo's run-and-grab tactics made it clear why he has lasted to the age of 33 in a tough game. He is a survivor." -Long Beach Press-Telegram

  • Unofficial Press-Telegram scorecard - 144-140 Palomino
  • Purses: Palomino - $100,000, Azevedo - $12,500

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  • "It's frustrating to be in there with a guy who doesn't want to fight. I think all he wanted to do was go 15. He wasn't worried about winning the title. It was my first time on national TV and I wanted to look good. Unfortunately, I had a bad opponent." -Carlos Palomino