Jerry Quarry vs. Ron Lyle

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Jerry Quarry 200 lbs beat Ron Lyle 219 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

"Jerry Quarry became a top contender once again Friday night when he scored a unanimous 12 round decision over previously unbeaten Ron Lyle at MSG. Quarry had an easy time of it against the inexperienced Lyle, a knockout sensation who had stopped 17 of his 19 opponents. Quarry was in complete command from the beginning, moving smartly around the ring avoiding the powerful punches that had done so much damage for Lyle in the past. It was Quarry, 200, who landed the first big punch - a short right hand in the 5th round that caught Lyle on the chin and made his knees wobble. But there were only 30 seconds left and Lyle, 219, was able to survive the assault. With Quarry way ahead on points, he chose to slug it out with Lyle in the 8th and landed a looping left hook that caught Lyle by surprise and sent him staggering up against the ropes. Quarry rushed in desperately trying for a knockout but again Lyle made it through the round. In the 11th, Quarry listened to the pleading of his trainer, Gil Clancy, who shouted from his corner, "Don't get careless" as he circled about the ring, leaving the exhausted Lyle flatfooted and unable to find him with any punches." -United Press International

  • Unofficial UPI scorecard - 9-3 Quarry
  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 10-2 Quarry
  • Attendance - 16,571
  • Gate - $181,460.00
  • Purses: Lyle - guaranteed $15,000 against an option of 20% of the gate, Quarry - guaranteed $25,000 against an option of 27 1/2% of the gate.