Bernard Hopkins vs. Antwun Echols (2nd meeting)

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Bernard Hopkins 159 lbs beat Antwun Echols 160 lbs by TKO at 1:42 in round 10 of 12


  • Echols was ranked #1 IBF Middleweight contender.
  • Echols deducted two points in the 6th for bodyslamming Hopkins to the canvas, dislocating his shoulder.
  • Hopkins chooses to fight on rather than win by disqualification.
  • Echols was knocked down once in the 7th.
  • Hopkins deducted a point in the 8th for holding behind the head.
  • Hopkins stopped Echols with a flurry of punches that had him staggering when referee Tony Weeks decided the challenger could take no more.
  • After 9 rounds, HBO's unofficial judge Harold Lederman's scorecard had Hopkins up 88-79. [1]
  • According to Compubox, Hopkins landed 231 of 539 punches (43 percent), and Echols connected on 124 of 469 (26 percent). [2][3]

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