Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko

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Jabs Lewis Klitschko
Landed 52 77
Thrown 120 240
Percent 43% 32%
Power Punches Lewis Klitschko
Landed 50 79
Thrown 102 192
Percent 49% 41%
Total Punches Lewis Klitschko
Landed 102 156
Thrown 222 432
Percent 46% 36%

Lennox Lewis 256 lbs beat Vitali Klitschko 248 lbs by TKO at 3:00 in round 6 of 12


Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko 634x428.jpg
  • Lewis was originally scheduled to fight Kirk Johnson, who pulled out of the fight on June 6 because of a partial tear of his left pectoral muscle. Klitschko, who had been scheduled to fight Cedric Boswell on the undercard of Lewis vs. Johnson, agreed to fight Lewis on June 9.
  • Klitschko was the WBC's No. 1-rated heavyweight contender.
  • Lewis was guaranteed $7 million and Klitschko $1.4 million.
  • At 256½ pounds, Lewis was fighting at the heaviest weight of his career.
  • Lewis was a 4-1 favorite.
  • Total attendance was 15,939, and paid attendance was 8,490. The breakdown is as follows: 7,466 were sold at full price; 1,024 were sold at a discount; 4,868 were given away; and 2,581 were suite seats or part of a sponsorship package.
  • The gate was $2,523,384.
  • The fight aired live on HBO's World Championship Boxing and was watched in 4.6 million homes. It was the network's highest rated fight since Oscar De La Hoya vs. Oba Carr on May 22, 1999.
  • A right hand from Lewis opened a grotesque cut over Klitschko's left eye in the third round.
  • Dr. Paul Wallace, the ringside physician, told the referee to stop the fight after the sixth round due to the cut over Klitschko's left eye.
  • Klitschko required 60 stitches to repair four cuts on his face and one cut in his mouth.
  • HBO's Harold Lederman had the fight scored 57-57 after 6 rounds.
  • This was Lewis' last fight. He announced his retirement on February 6, 2004.


  • "I was getting to him. Look at his face. Just look at the state of his face. It was only a matter of time. It was deteriorating. The referee saved his face." – Lennox Lewis
  • "Right now, I feel like the people's champion. I did not want them to stop the fight. My strategy was to take it into the seventh and eighth rounds. My strategy was working. I knew his conditioning was not good." – Vitali Klitschko
  • "I asked him to look at me and, when he lifted his head, his eyelid covered his field of vision. He had to move his head to see me. If he had to move his head to see me, there was no way he could defend himself. If he got hit with an overhand right, he might not be able to see it. It was a dangerous situation." – Dr. Paul Wallace on why he stopped the fight


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