Ismael Laguna vs. Ken Buchanan (1st meeting)

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Ismael Laguna 134 lbs lost to Ken Buchanan 134 lbs by SD in round 15 of 15

  • WBA World Lightweight Title (second defense by Laguna)
  • Buchanan ignored the BBoC's order not to fight Laguna
  • WBC stripped Laguna on September 15, 1970. Source AP 9/16/1970. UPI reported the WBC said Laguna had to fight Mando Ramos instead, so they stripped him and matched Ramos and Carrasco.
  • NYSAC recognized this bout as championship one on OCt 5, 1970

"Scotland's Ken Buchanan came on strong in the final rounds yesterday to wrest the world lightweight title from Panama's Ismael Laguna on a split decision in a spirited 15 round bout. It was close all the way. Laguna, bobbing and weaving, carried the fight to the standup challenger, fighting in the classic style. Laguna scored with chopping right leads and short blows inside. Buchanan, moving in behind a snapping left jab, came on in the 5th and 6th rounds. From the 12th on Buchanan dominated the fight. In the 12th he shook the champ with a series of solid shots to the head that forced Laguna to hold. Encouraged by his success, Buchanan pressed on with follow-ups that Laguna couldn't block." -Associated Press

Newspaper articles

After this fight

Then, Ken Buchanan needed to be recognized from WBC, because British Boxing Board Of Control had joined only WBC. He negotiated with Mando Ramos and WBC. WBC accepted "Buchanan vs. Ramos" as WBC Lightweight Championship fight.

  • "Buchanan's bout approved", The Times (London, England, United Kingdom), page 14, 17 November 1970.

However, Ramos canceled two days before the fight.

  • "Buchanan to meet new challenger", The Times (London, England, United Kingdom), page 10, 11 February 1971.

Ruben Navarro, the third WBA and the fourth WBC contender, fought instead of Ramos on 12 February 1971.