Terry McGovern vs. Young Corbett II (1st meeting)

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Terry McGovern 125 lbs lost to Young Corbett II 126 lbs by KO at 1:44 in round 2

  • Date: 1901-11-28
  • Location: Coliseum, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
  • Referee: Charlie White
  • Wire report (round-by-round): [1]

Though Young Corbett had recently registered victories over former champion George Dixon and contender Oscar Gardner, he wasn't a well-known pugilist and wasn't given much of a chance to defeat the supposedly invincible featherweight kingpin, Terry McGovern. Corbett, who was trying to prove that he was by no means intimidated of McGovern's reputation, banged on the champion's dressing room door and jeered him by reciting some nasty remarks.


Early in the bout McGovern backed up Corbett, who answered with a right that made his opponent step back. In a way, this won the title for Corbett. McGovern stated before his unsuccessful defense that the only way he could be dethroned is by a fighter who fights his fight. And Corbett was fighting it successfully. In the second round McGovern drove Corbett backwards again but Corbett fired back once more and managed to land a right, which decked the reigning champion. The canvas was a relatively spot for Terry but he handled the adversity like a frequently-floored veteran as he took the count instead of rising quickly. When he did rise, however, he whaled away at his challenger. McGovern purposely left defense behind and continued his assault like a perpetual motion machine. Corbett was firing back while in jeopardy, which was his game plan, but his punches weren't hurting his opponent at the moment. McGovern floored Corbett with a left and when he arose, he still refused to take a backwards step. It was a vicious encounter and one of the greatest rounds ever seen until a right hand ended both the round and the night. It was thrown by Young Corbett and this time, McGovern didn't respond cunningly to the adversity; he couldn't. He was dropped flat on his back and ten seconds later Young Corbett II was the new featherweight champion in a stunning upset.

Source: Brooklyn Eagle