John L. Sullivan vs. Frank Herald

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John L Sullivan beat Frank Herald by TD in round 2

  • Date: 1886-09-18
  • Location: Coliseum Rink, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Referee: Johnny Newell

Herald was known as "the Nicetown Pet." This bout took place at the Coliseum in Allegheny City, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was the first match in over a year for Sullivan, the world heavyweight champion. Three thousand people attended. Because several prior attempts at a Sullivan-Herald fight had failed to come through, Herald's backers insinuated that Sullivan was scared of their man. However, Sullivan was much larger than his opponent, outweighing him by as much as forty pounds.

Sullivan used his size advantage to drive his opponent to the ropes through much of the first round. The second became a wrestling, holding, and fouling match until police intervened. Sullivan was afterwards declared the winner.