John L. Sullivan vs. Captain James Dalton

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John L Sullivan 190 lbs beat Captain James Dalton 175 lbs by KO in round 4 of 4

  • Date: 1881-08-13
  • Location: USA
  • This fight took place during Sullivan's tour of the Northeastern U.S. offering money to anyone who dared get in the ring with him. It was part of a series of dancing, boxing, and skating shows put on at the McCormick Hall that day. Dalton, captain of the Lake Michigan tugboat Ingram, was his most experienced competition on the tour yet. Known as a burly, rugged fighter with goods wins on his record, Dalton survived into the fourth round, longer than any of Sullivan's previous opponents on the tour. Still, Sullivan dominated the action and dealt Dalton a severe beating until the tugboat captain collapsed in the fourth. Dalton was paid twenty five dollars for his trouble.