Nikolay Valuev vs. Andreas Sidon

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Nikolai Valuev 315 lbs fought without result Andreas Sidon 230 lbs by NC in round 6 of 6

  • Date: 1999-05-07
  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Sidon suffered two standing eight-counts in the first round. Valuev also dominated the second round. The referee wanted to stop the fight in the third round, although there seemed to be no reason for a stoppage at that moment. The crowd was very discontented with the ref's decision and beercups and bottles have been thrown into the ring. Sidon wanted to continue, so he persuaded Valuev to continue fighting for the full 6 rounds.

    Due to fighting without a referee (who left the ring in the third round), the EBU ruled the bout as a no-contest.

    Sidon later told, that it was the referee's first professional bout and that Valuev's people shouted to the referee, that he should stop the fight, otherwise Valuev might hurt Sidon. Sidon also said, that the timekeeper shortened the later rounds, due to Valuev having conditioning problems.


    Sidon writing about the fight with Valuev (german)

    Interview with Andreas Sidon (german)