Eddie Cotton vs. Henry Hank

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Henry Hank (left) vs. Eddie Cotton

Henry Hank 175 lbs lost to Eddie Cotton 172 lbs by UD in round 15 of 15


  • In July 1963, Michigan Boxing Commissioner Dave Gudelsky declared the World Light Heavyweight Championship vacate in Michigan. He did so at the request of Henry Hank's manager, Harry Baxter, who claimed that World Light Heavyweight Champion Willie Pastrano had evaded a contract to face Hank on September 20. The Michigan Boxing Commission had withdrawn from the World Boxing Association the previous month because Michigan boxer Kenny Lane, the WBA's No. 1-ranked lightweight contender, had not been able to secure a title shot against World Lightweight Champion Carlos Ortiz.
  • Cotton entered the fight ranked No. 1 at light heavyweight by the WBA and Hank was ranked No. 6.
  • The fight was staged under Michigan rules, which meant the rest period between rounds was 90 seconds instead of the customary 60 seconds. Michigan imposed the rule after the death of Benny (Kid) Paret, who died from injuries sustained during his third fight against Emile Griffith on March 24, 1962.
  • A crowd of just 855 paid $5,862.50 to see the fight. The arena had a capacity of 5,109 for boxing.
  • The Associated Press scored the fight 143-139 for Cotton.
  • Shortly after this fight, the Michigan Boxing Commission rejoined the WBA. As a result, Cotton never defended the Michigan version of the 175-pound world title.

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