Bernard Hopkins vs. Keith Holmes

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CompuBox Punchstats [1][2]
Total Punches Hopkins Holmes
Landed 261 86
Thrown 544 354
Pct. 48% 24%
Jabs Hopkins Holmes
Landed 3 40
Thrown 72 225
Pct. 4% 18%

Bernard Hopkins 159 lbs beat Keith Holmes 157 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • This fight marked the first round of the 2001 Middleweight Unification Tournament.
  • Hopkins entered the tournament as the IBF Middleweight Champion, and Holmes was the WBC Middleweight Champion.
  • The New York Times reported:
    • Hopkins controlled Saturday's fight from the third round, winning easily on all three judges' scorecards. There were no knockdowns, but Hopkins dictated the action with a sustained body attack and rattled Holmes several times with punches to the head. The biggest problem for Hopkins on Saturday was avoiding hitting Holmes with low blows. Hopkins complained before the fight that Holmes wore his trunks too high, and his concern about being penalized for low blows proved to be valid. With 48 seconds left in the fifth round, a point was taken from Hopkins for a low blow, and on two other occasions, timeouts were given to Holmes after he complained of low blows. In Hopkins's mind, Holmes wearing his trunks high made it difficult to avoid hitting him below the belt. "The guy had turtleneck trunks on," Hopkins said. "If a man brings a turtleneck into the ring, what are you going to do? Maybe one or two of the blows were low, but they weren't intentional. I couldn't let it bother my game plan."
  • After 11 rounds, HBO's unofficial judge Harold Lederman's scorecard had Hopkins up 109-99. [3]

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