Luis Santana vs. Terry Norris (3rd meeting)

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Terry Norris 152 lbs beat Luis Santana 154 lbs by TKO at 2:09 in round 2 of 12


  • This was the third consecutive fight between Norris and Santana. Norris was disqualified in the first fight for a rabbit punch, and he was disqualified in the second fight for hitting after the bell.
  • Norris dominated the first round and had Santana in a lot of trouble at the end of the stanza.
  • Santana was knocked down three times in the second round.
  • This was the first fight on the Mike Tyson vs. Peter McNeeley card. Promoter Don King gave Norris vs. Santana III to ABC as an infomercial for the $50 Tyson pay-per-view card that night. Fans were allowed in free, then the MGM Grand Arena was cleared for customers who payed between $200 to $1,5000 to watch Tyson.