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Name: Memphis Pal Moore
Birth Name: Thomas Wilson Moore
Born: 1894-07-28
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Birthplace: Kenton, Tennessee, USA
Died: 1953-03-15 (Age:58)
Height: 165cm
Reach: 168cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Tommy Walsh
Memphis Pal Moore began his boxing career while serving as a sailor in the United States Navy, drawing a salary of $35.00 a month. It was while in the Navy that he first fought Jimmy Wilde. He was selected as the American representative straight from the training camp at Great Lakes, Illinois, where he served as a boxing instructor. Together with several other boxing representatives, he was sent to England for an inter-allied tournament the month after World War I had ended.

King's Trophy Tournament of Inter-Allied Games

  • 1918-12-11 W4 Pvt. Pattern London
  • 1918-12-12 W4 Johnny Hughes London
  • 1918-12-12 W4 Jimmy Wilde London
  • Moore wins the King's Bantamweight Trophy

In January 1919, Moore's manager, Tommy Walsh, announced that in order to avoid confusion with the other Pal Moores already competing around the country, his boy would henceforth be known as "Wilson Moore."