Jack Kilbourne

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Kilbourne & Jimmy Carres

Name: Jack Kilbourne
Alias: Herman Bundren
Birth Name: Albert Herman Bundren
Born: 1901-00-00
Hometown: Enid, Oklahoma, USA
Birthplace: Iowa, USA
Died: 1954-00-00 (Age:53)
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Jimmy Carres

Jack Kilbourne fought under his real name, Herman Bundren, until he returned from Australia in late 1931. It was as Jack Kilbourne that he fought in the eastern, middlewestern, and southwestern United States, 1932-34.

Apparently there was no record published for Kilbourne in record books. His record in Australia, as shown here, was supplied by John Hogg of Brisbane. Various newspapers in the United States provided information of his fights, including the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, PITTSBURGH POST, and MILWAUKEE JOURNAL.

  • Sydney Morning Herald, 14. sept 1931 states that Herman Bundren (=Jack Kilbourne) hails from Kansas. Website www.findagrave.com has one Albert Herman Bundren (1901-1954) buried in Sedgwick County, Kansas.