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Cus D'Amato training with Mike Tyson
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Career Review

  • D'Amato reportedly had one amateur fight in which he lost.
  • Prevented from turning pro due to an injury he suffered in a street fight.
  • Constantine (Cus) D'Amato was born ?, and died in 1985.
  • Appeared in the movie AKA Cassius Clay.
  • Appeared in the March 24, 1959 episode of "To Tell the Truth" (with Floyd Patterson): [1]
  • Trained three world champions: heavyweights Floyd Patterson and Mike Tyson, and light heavyweight Jose Torres.
  • Invented the "Peek-a-Boo" defense, made famous by Floyd Patterson, and later used by every D'Amato fighter.
  • Schooled Teddy Atlas in the art of training.
  • Secretly trained hand-ball champion Jim Jacobs for one year, in hopes of Jacobs fighting world light heavyweight champion Archie Moore; the fight never took place.
  • Reportedly attempted to train basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain for a professional boxing career, but Chamberlain never did become a professional boxer.
  • Inducted into the New York State Boxing Hall of Fame on March 30, 2014.

Fighters Trained (Partial List)