Georges Carpentier vs. Battling Siki

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Carp vs Siki.jpg

Georges Carpentier 174 lbs lost to Battling Siki 174 lbs by KO in round 6 of 20

  • EBU (European) Light Heavyweight Title
  • EBU (European) Heavyweight Title
  • World Light Heavyweight Title

Both fighters were knocked down in the 3rd round; Carpentier down again in the 5th; Carpentier down once more in the 6th. Carpentier scored two knockdowns in round three with right crosses to the head. Siki came back scoring a four punch combination to the body and head for a knockdown. Carpentier told his corner he had broken his right knuckles. Siki then took over, scoring many body blows, while Carpentier fell into butting and fouling. The French crowd booed their own. With Carpentier boring in head first, Siki scored the KO in round six, with a right to the ribs. The referee then disqualified Siki claiming he had fouled by tripping. But the president of the French federation and the ringside judges overruled him and declared Siki the winner.

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