IBRO Journal Issue No. 85

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  • Article topics include: IBRO's All-Time Rankings of Heavyweights and Light-heavyweights; Tim Leone obituary; Joe Louis: Power, Perfection, and Complete; A Look Back at the Career of Lightweight Contender Larry Boardman; "Unforgivable Blackness": Another Look at Racism, Boxing and America in 1910; Jimmy Young Remembered; History of the Golden Gloves; Terry Davis; A Thumbnail Sketch of the Development of Boxing Strategies, Styles and Techniques During the Gloved Era to Present (2004); The Strange Death of Barbados Joe Walcott; Frank Sinatra and Boxing; Norm Meekison Interview with Ike Williams; Joe Transperanti; The Four Who Baffled Sonny Liston; October 1925 Damon Runyon articles.

Published March 21, 2005
Copyright 2005 IBRO; All Rights Reserved
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