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Jeff Clark

Name: Jeff Clark
Alias: Joplin Ghost Fighting Ghost
Birth Name: Winlock Jefferson Clarke
Hometown: Joplin, Missouri, USA
Birthplace: Morrisville, New Jersey, USA
Died: 1952-05-01 (Age:65)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 180cm
Reach: 201cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager Jimmy Bronson

Photo #2

Jeff Clark (sometimes spelled "Clarke") was reportedly the uncle of former World Heavyweight Champion Jersey Joe Walcott.

The linked record of Clark is based on newspaper reports. However, his published record in Ring Battles of Centuries, 1914 and 1925 editions, contained some unverified record entries, as follows:

  • 1908: Jack Galvin, W ko 4; Harry Davis, W ko 1; Harry Judge, W ko 3; Jimmy Haines, W ko 4; Pete Jones, W ko 7: Joe Greene, W ko 5. (These fights probably occurred in New Jersey.)
  • 1910: Al Gray, W Pts 15; Al Gray, W Pts 25; Pete Johnson, W ko 6; Larry Temple, D 15; Larry Temple, D 15; Harry Lindsay, W ko 8; Al Gray, W Pts 15; Nat Dewey, W Pts 15; Joe Gorman, D 15; Al Miles, W ko 2; Kid Fox, W ko 2; Jack Grace, W ko 6; Joe Gorman, W ko 3; Jack Burke, W ko 1; Larry Temple, W Pts 25; Harry Butler, W ko 7; Al Gray, W ko 4; Harry Duffy, W ko 4; Larry Temple, W ko 12; Soldier Bruce, W ko 7; Fred Gordon, W ko 3; Jack Preston, W Pts 15; Jack Dorn, W ko 6; Soldier Bruce, W ko 5. (These fights probably occurred in Joplin and other cities in Missouri.)
  • 1911: Battling Levinsky, ND 10; Al Mitchell, W Pts 12. (These fights probably occurred in Joplin or other cities in Missouri.)
  • 1921: Sam Langford, Tulsa OK, L Pts 10. This supposed fight has sometimes appeared in Langford's record, but no verification has yet been found.
  • Year uncertain: Ragnar Holmberg, L ko 4. This fight seems to have been claimed by Holmberg, but no verification has been found, and no location has been mentioned.