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Name: Jim Maloney
Birth Name: Edward James Maloney
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Died: 1971-08-01 (Age:68)
Height: 182cm
Reach: 185cm
Judge: Record
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

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  • According to a pre-fight article in the Boston Daily Record for the 1930 Maloney-Carnera fight, Maloney stood 5' 11 1/2" tall and had a 73" reach.

Jim Maloney was a Boston fish peddler by trade during his boxing career. After retiring from the ring, he held several different jobs, including working as a boxing instructor at Miami University, where he also studied law. Much later he was a referee with the Portland Boxing Commission (Portland, OR) during the 1940s.