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The Oriental Pacific Boxing Federation (OPBF) is a regional confederation consisting of; Australia, Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Republic of China, Samoa, Thailand, Tonga, and some of the former Soviet repbulics in Asia. The OPBF is affiliated with the WBC and is a valuable regional title to be held by boxers in the affiliate nations. Winning the title helps towards earning a high ranking in the rankings of the WBC, which can ultimately lead to a title shot.

Weight Class Champion Date Won
Heavyweight Joseph Parker 2015 Aug 01
Cruiserweight Anthony McCracken 2014 Nov 22
Light Heavyweight Togasilimai Letoa 2012 Mar 30
Super Middleweight Yuzo Kiyota 2008 Oct 13
Middleweight Makoto Fuchigami 2012 Oct 12
Junior Middleweight Charlie Ota 2010 Mar 25
Welterweight Akinori Watanabe 2011 Apr 11
Junior Welterweight Min-Wook Kim 2012 May 28
Lightweight Nihito Arakawa 2011 Oct 4
Junior Lightweight Jomthong Chuwatana 2012 May 28
Featherweight Hiroshige Osawa 2011 May 20
Junior Featherweight Yukinori Oguni 2011 Nov 3
Bantamweight Rolly Matsushita 2011 Jul 31
Junior Bantamweight Ryo Akaho 2011 May 18
Flyweight Rocky Fuentes 2010 Mar 9
Junior Flyweight Ryo Miyazaki 2010 Jun 14
Mini Flyweight Merlito Sabillo 2011 Oct 8


Criticism of recent rankings: [1]