World Heavyweight Championship Records and Statistics

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Listing of records and statistics of world title in the Heavyweight division under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules. The maximum weight for this division is unlimited (200+ lbs, 90.9+ kg, 14 stone 4 lbs+).

Note 1: Only the highest-regarded championship belt of a major organization is included
Note 2: WBO Heavyweight Title bouts before August 1997 are not included. In The Boxing Register: International Boxing Hall of Fame Official Record Book, professional boxing record of Ricardo Lopez indicates his opponent Alex Sanchez as WBO "World Champion" on August 23, 1997, meanwhile Michael Carbajal's opponent Josue Camacho (fought on July 15, 1994) didn't receive the same recognition, thus suggesting that WBO title hadn't been viewed by IBHOF as a major title prior to (at least) August 1997, when Herbie Hide (won the title on June 28, 1997) was WBO heavyweight champion.


1 Most Opponents Beaten for World Heavyweight Title
2 Most Wins in World Heavyweight Title Fights
3 Most Opponents Beaten During One World Heavyweight Title Reign
4 Most Consecutive World Heavyweight Title Defenses
5 Longest Combined World Heavyweight Title Reigns
6 Longest Individual World Heavyweight Title Reigns
7 Fastest Stoppages in World Heavyweight Title Fights
8 Most World Heavyweight Title Bout Wins & Beaten Opponents By Stoppage
9 Knockout-To-Win & Knockout-To-Beat-Opponent Percentage in World Heavyweight Title Fights
10 Oldest World Heavyweight Champions
11 Youngest World Heavyweight Champions
12 Fastest World Heavyweight Title Wins