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Name: Art Aragon
Alias: Golden Boy
Birth Name: Arthur Anthony Aragon
Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
Birthplace: Belen, New Mexico, USA
Died: 2008-03-25 (Age:80)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 173cm
Reach: 178cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Art Aragon worked as an actor, notably in the Audie Murphy movie, "To Hell and Back," and in John Houston's Fat City. He converted to Judaism late in life and is buried in a Jewish cemetery in Los Angeles.

Flamboyant both in and out of the ring, Aragon wore a gold robe and trunks and revelled in playing the villain. Often he would taunt a crowd into booing him, sometimes thumbing his nose at the audience after defeating a popular opponent.

"You ever get booed by 10,000 people? It's exciting," he once said.

He was equally colourful outside the ring, golfing with Bob Hope and counting as friends Marilyn Monroe and William Holden. He was married four times and had a high-profile romance with actress Mamie Van Doren.

His career was marred by allegations that at least some of his fights were fixed. In 1956 he was convicted of offering a $500 bribe to welterweight Dick Goldstein to take a dive in a Texas fight, but the conviction was overturned on appeal.

Aragon became a bail bondsman after retiring from the ring in 1960.

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