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Name: Baby Yack
Alias: Norman Yack
Birth Name: Benjamin Norman Yakubowitz
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birthplace: Kiev, Ukraine
Died: 1987-01-11 (Age:71)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 165cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Baby Yack was a very good amateur, winning over 90 of 100 fights. Along with fellow Jewish boxer and Olympic teammate Sammy Luftspring, he declined to participate in the Canadian Olympic Trials for the 1936 Berlin Olympics because of Nazi persecution of the Jews and other minorities in Germany. He was a member of the Canadian Team that went to the Barcelona "alternate" Olympics, and was stranded for a time in Spain when the Spanish Civil War broke out, which led to a cancellation of the games.

Yack turned pro some time in late 1936, believed to be October. He reportedly had 14 bouts through end of 1937 and was managed by Steve Rocco, the former Canadian flyweight champ. Between Sept. 1937 and Sept 1939 Yack was rated as high as the number 4th ranked bantamweight in the world by the RING--he was ranked as the number 7th bantamweight in the world in the Ring's annual ratings for 1937.