Bermane Stiverne

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Name: Bermane Stiverne
Alias: B. WARE
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Birthplace: La Plaine, Haiti
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 188cm
Reach: 196cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Promoter: Don King
Manager: Camille Estephan
Trainers: Don House (former), Charles Mooney

Bermane Stiverne was born on the northern tip of the island nation of Haiti, growing up in the city of La Plaine—50 miles across the water from Cuba—as part of a family of 14 children. He was the youngest boy with five brothers. At age 10, his mother Rose Mary moved Bermane and his sisters to join family already in Miami. ​Stiverne often traveled with family between Miami and Montreal, where he began fighting as an amateur. In 2004, Stiverne relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Amateur Career

  • Claimed amateur record: 49-10 [1]
  • Began boxing in 1999
  • Six-Time Quebec Golden Gloves Champion (1999-2005)
  • 2005 Canadian National Championships Silver medalist
  • Member of Canadian National Team from 2003 to 2005
  • 2004 1st America´s Olympic Qualifier Bronze medalist in Tijuana, Mexico at Super Heavyweight.
    • Defeated Victor Bisbal (Puerto Rico) 23-7
    • Lost to George Garcia (Mexico) 31-41
  • 2004 2nd America´s Olympic Qualifier participant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Super Heavyweight.
    • Lost to George Garcia (Mexico) 14-22 (missed the 2004 Olympics)
  • 2004 Tammer Tournament Gold medalist in Tampere, Finland at Super Heavyweight.

Tammer Tournament in Finland in 2004 Bermane Stiverne, a former resident of Laval, Quebec, turned out to be a world-class super-heavyweight. Stiverne punched very sharply and hard, protected himself well and fought in cool manner. The Haitian advanced in finals by narrowly edging Robert Helenius 12-8. "I fought carefully, I hit to the body and waited for the openings to land counter-punches" Stiverne said. Interestingly enough, three judges had given Helenius more points and only two of them had Stiverne ahead, both of them by only one point. But the points given simultaneously are the deciding ones and Stiverne was correctly ruled as the winner.

In the finals, Stiverne stopped the 205-cm Commonwealth champion David Price in the third round. The trans-planted Haitian was clearly ahead when he landed a big overhand right and the referee Pekka Ruokola wisely called it off right after the count.

Titles Held

  • World Boxing Council Heavyweight Title (2014-2015)
  • WBC Silver Heavyweight Title (2011-14)
  • WBC International Heavyweight Title (2011)
  • USNBC Heavyweight Title (2011)
  • WBA Fedelatin Heavyweight Title (2011)

Preceded by:
Vitali Klitschko
WBC Heavyweight Champion
2014 May 10 – 2015 Jan 17
Succeeded by:
Deontay Wilder