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Name: Bobby Dobbs
Birth Name: Robert Dobbs
Hometown: New York, USA
Birthplace: Cartersville, Georgia, USA
Died: 1930-12-25 (Age:60)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 174cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Bobby Dobbs was quick, agile, clever, and possessed a good left hand and a stiff right. He hit to the body and head and could get very rough in the clinches, relying on some prior wrestling experience. Dobbs was very popular as a fighter and ran a gym and training quarters for other boxers when his career ended. Some sources report that his earliest bouts occurred in 1875, southern United States. In England, Dobbs toured with Professor Bill Moores's boxing booth, and once stated that he had over 1,000 bouts to his credit. Dobbs was a very well conditioned athlete, total abstainer from alcohol, non-smoker, diet expert, and a fresh-air fanatic.

Death Cert.

According to Swedish/Scandinavian boxing historian Christer Franzer

Dobbs was a frequent guest in Europe, esp. in Germany. He had many bouts in Berlin. He fought several times in Denmark between 1909 and 1912. In Denmark he met, among others. Jim Smith, Holger Hansen, Dick Nelson and Waldemar Holberg. An unverified article in the Swedish press reports that Dobbs lost by the way of KO to Swedish Lightweight Oscar "Bellis" Carlsson. Carlsson was Sweden's first "home-made" boxer. A talented little fighter, totally self-taught.

Dobbs was an amazing guy; he was still going strong in his 50s. According to one source, he had close to a thousand fights, mostly at fairs in booth fights, and at touring circuses, meeting all comers. He met several opponents each day. According to one version, he died penniless in South Carolina; another claims that he became a quite well-off trainer in Chicago.

Most of the linked Fight Record is courtesy of Cyberboxingzone and Tracy Callis of the International Boxing Research Organization.