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Many boxers served in their country's military during time of war, although few actually served in combat. For example, Sugar Ray Robinson fought exhibitions at home in the United States during World War II, while others including Bummy Davis, served as recruiters. Some, such as Rocky Marciano, were deployed as the war ended before they could be sent to battle.

Barney Ross and Max Schmeling may be the only "big names" in boxing who served in combat during World War II.

There were some not as well known fighters who engaged in combat during WWII. They included Mike (Kayo) Janic, Dick Menchaca, Tommy Umeda, Rocky Jones, Tommy Moyer, Al Tribuani and Lenny Mancini, many of them were wounded in combat, while still other boxers like Indian Johnny Rivers, Les McGowan, Paul Risko and Yoshio (Hank) Nakamura perished in combat.

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