Corporal Izzy Schwartz

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Name: Corporal Izzy Schwartz
Alias: The Ghetto Midget / Corporal
Birth Name: Isadore Schwartz
Hometown: New York, New York, USA
Birthplace: New York, New York, USA
Died: 1988-07-08 (Age:87)
Height: 155cm
Reach: 157cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Isadore (Izzy) Schwartz (Hebrew name, used occasionally, was likely Yisrael, or "Israel"), orphaned at the age of two, grew up in the Hebrew Orphan Asylum in New York's East Village. Although too small for the military, he still managed to enlist, eventually rising to the rank of corporal and becoming the US Army's Flyweight Champion.

Schwartz won the Southwest Bantamweight title on November 22nd 1926 defeating Johnny McCoy in El Paso Texas and eight days later won the Pacific Coast Bantamweight title defeating Chuck Hellman over ten rds in Portland Oregon. These were the first two important professional boxing titles won by Schwartz in his fighting career.

Schwartz developed his professional boxing skills as a sparring partner for Frankie Genaro. He became the World Flyweight Champion by defeating Newsboy Brown in 1927 as recognized by New York state, and held the title until 1929 successfully defending the title five times. Never lost the title in the Ring initially retiring and relinquishing the Flyweight title in 1929.

There still seems to be many fights missing from Schwartz's record, particularly in the early part of his career when he was in the US Army and fought primarily out of the Detroit area.

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