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Name: Dale Crowe
Alias: The Crow
Birth Name: Dale Robert Crowe
Hometown: Norwood, Ohio, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 183cm
Reach: 193cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Dale Crowe Photo Gallery

  • Former Toughman champion
  • Had 15 amateur fights

Greg Page Bout

Dale Crowe fought Greg Page on March 9, 2001. In the final seconds of the ten-round bout, Crowe landed a short left to Page's jaw. Page lurched forward into Crowe and clutched him, and as he had done many times during the fight, Crowe pushed Page off of him. But this time, Page was obviously off balance, and instead of moving straight back with his legs underneath him, he hurtled out of control, back and down. With his shoulders pressing into one of the ropes, his head jerked backward in an awful whiplash. In one tape, made from a vantage point behind Crowe, the push appears violent; in another, made from the side, it appears that Crow's arms did not even fully extend as he pushed. Mike Cunningham, the referee, ordered Crowe to a corner and counted out Page as he lay slumped against the ropes. No ambulance or paramedics were present, there was no oxygen, and no doctor was present at ringside, all of which were required by law. The ringside doctor, Manuel Medioia, had already left the building and had to be called back. Mediodia turned out to be unlicensed in Kentucky and suspended as a doctor in Ohio. 22 minutes passed before an ambulance arrived. A CT scan revealed bleeding inside Page's head. Page suffered a stroke during emergency brain surgery, which left him paralysed on the left side of his body. He was in a coma for a week. Kentucky eventually changed its sports safety laws as a result of the Page-Crowe fight. Page remained in a wheelchair, suffered post-fight medical complications for the result of his life, and died on April 26, 2009. Crowe organized fund-raisers for Page, and remained friends with Page for the rest of his life. Page even attended one of Crowe's bouts in 2002. [1]

Skeletal Discovery, Charges, and Conviction

Based on skeletal remains found at a Sam's Club in Columbia Township, Ohio, from a 2002 killing on February 16, 2006, Dale Crowe was arrested and indicted for the 2002 murder of Frank Banam, 23, whose body was found in a trash bin in Cincinnati, Ohio. Crowe was charged with aggravated murder, murder and aggravated robbery, for beating and strangling his friend Banam during an argument. He was subsequently sentenced to face 20 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter, aggravated robbery and engaging in corrupt acts. He is currently serving his time at Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon, Ohio. His scheduled release date is February 11, 2026. [2]

Inmate Website

On his inmate penpal website at Inmate Classified, Crowe states "I learned the hard way that life is about the choices we make. Along the way, I made some bad choices. I have learned a lot and feel I am paying for things I have done wrong." [3]