Dave Barry

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Dave Barry

Name: Dave Barry
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died: 1936-08-26 (Age:52)
Referee: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

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Although a former professional boxer himself, Dave Barry, brother of fellow boxer Jimmy Barry, is best known as the infamous 14-second "Long Count" referee in the second Jack Dempsey-Gene Tunney title bout.

Barry wrote a series of articles that were published in various American newspapers in December 1928, such as in the Seattle Daily Times (Seattle, WA). In these articles Barry wrote that:

  • He had been born in Montreal, QC, Canada
  • His family was from County Cork, Ireland
  • His mother's family was Feron
  • His father and grandfather had been born in Brooklyn, NY
  • He attended Mount St. Louis College in Montreal
  • His family moved from Montreal to Chicago when he was 12-years-old
  • He attended the Lewis Institute in Chicago
  • He was a member of the Northwestern University football team
  • He boxed as an amateur, then professionally for six years as a lightweight (and had two bouts with Joe Gans--at Detroit and Bakersfield, and one with Kid McPartland)
  • He quit boxing when he developed typhoid pneumonia
  • After boxing, he spent one year at the American College of Medicine & Surgery (Chicago)
  • In 1909 he returned to boxing at New Orleans (fighting Sammy Phillips and Jimmy Clabby, which was his final career bout)
  • He then became a referee (one of his first jobs was the 1910 Young Corbett-Harry Ferns bout)
  • Some other bouts he refereed: Freddie Welsh-Young Erno, Abe Attel-Charley White, Marvin Hart-Tony Ross, Sam Langford-Dixie Kid, Harry Forbes-Frankie Neal, Jack Britton-Ted Kid Lewis
  • From his start to 1928 he had officiated some 600 bouts

He reportedly died of a nervous breakdown/liver disorder.

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