Elmer Ray

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Name: Elmer Ray
Alias: Violent
Birth Name: Elmo John Ray
Hometown: Hastings, Florida, USA
Birthplace: Federal Point, Florida, USA
Died: 1987-05-20 (Age:76)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 188cm
Reach: 198cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Tommy O'Loughlin

Elmer (Violent) Ray was the #1 ranked heavyweight contender in early 1947. He lost that ranking and a potential title fight with Joe Louis, when he was defeated by Jersey Joe Walcott on March 1, 1947. Ray would subsequently go on to defeat future champion Ezzard Charles on a split decision, before Charles knocked him out in the 9th round on May 7, 1948, ending his title hopes for good.