Hector Camacho vs. Rafael Limon

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Hector Camacho stops Bazooka Limon in the fifth round

Hector Camacho 130 lbs beat Rafael Limon 129 lbs by TKO at 2:52 in round 5 of 12


  • The World Boxing Council stripped Bobby Chacon of the super featherweight title when he failed to come to terms for a Don King-promoted title defense against Camacho. King offered him a guarantee of $450,000, but Chacon wanted $1 million.
  • Camacho was ranked #1, and Limon was ranked #3.
  • Camacho made $150,000, and Limon got $50,000.
  • Sports Illustrated reported: "Camacho leaped out of his corner at the opening bell and chased Limon backward, nearly bowling him over in the first 10 seconds. Camacho dominated that round, as well as the second, while Limon was able only to send out his long, slow, looping rights and lefts. Near the end of the third round, Camacho, who had been scoring primarily with his right, sent a straight left out of nowhere to Limon's cheek and put him down. Near the end of the fourth, Camacho again caught Limon with a left, then followed up with a flurry of rights that sent him careening against the ropes. By this time, it was obvious that Limon, who many times in his 11-year pro career (he's now 47-13-2) had given up the early rounds only to battle back, was on borrowed time....In the fifth, Camacho doubled up Limon with two body shots and sent him down in the center of the ring. Camacho's power, which he increased sparring with a welterweight, Boo Boo Sawyer, was impressive. Limon got up, but a few seconds later he was sent down and through the ropes near his corner. He got up again, but when Camacho continued his relentless attack, Referee Richard Steele wisely stopped the fight. It was Camacho's 12th knockout."